On-Site Management

On-Site Management

Project Manager

The Project Manager is an industry professional who is proficient in pre-production, operations and management of crew and gear. This person is the on-site Operations Manager and the liaison between the client and the crew. The Project Manager also interacts with venue management. The selection of a Project Manager is based on the level and difficulty of the project, i.e.: meeting-room coordinator, general-exhibit coordinator, large-exhibit-booth coordinator or general-session-production manager. The specific roles of the Project Manager should be defined by the client, to ensure the selection of the proper individual. This position is typically supplied by the client.

Technical Director

The Technical Director is a video engineer who specializes in the cueing, calling, routing and switching of the cameras. The Technical Director is primarily used in the General Session environment.

Labor Coordinator

The Labor Coordinator’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to: checking in/out of all CAVL techs, distribution and management of the entire CAVL crew. The CAVL Labor Coordinator is also responsible for assisting with any additions, changes and/or cancelations throughout the entire event. The CAVL Labor Coordinator is required for events with crews of 20+, or by request.

Crew Lead

A Crew Lead is required for a crew of 12-19 technicians. The responsibility of the Crew Lead is to act as general liaison to the on-site Project Manager and the CAVL office. The Crew Lead facilitates the check-in/out of crew. When not performing the aforementioned duties, the Crew Lead will perform his or her duties as assigned. The Crew Lead can be utilized in all show environments.