Corporate Audio Visual Technicians

Corporate Audio Visual Technicians

General Utility

The General Utility Tech is primarily used for the setting of meeting rooms, exhibits, basic audio, lighting, and video equipment. General Utility technicians should not be utilized in specific departments, such as the A2, L2 or V2 positions.

Breakout Room Operator

The Breakout Room Operator’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to: operation of simple break-out rooms, set up and strike of LCD projectors, and set up and operation of 8-16 channel analog audio consoles, basic video switcher/scalers, static lighting consoles for basic stage wash and presenter support with basic PowerPoint editing.

Breakout Floater

The Breakout Floater assumes the same responsibilities as the Breakout Room Operator, but is not dedicated to one room. This position is recommended for rooms that do not require a dedicated room op.